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Tracey House

Tracey House in Bovey Tracey

Tracey House was bought by Bob and Cynthia Cooksey in 1985. It had been running as a retirement home for the previous two years, catering for seven Residents.

History of Tracey House

The Owners of Tracey House Care Home in Devon
The History of Tracey House

Within the first 18 months, Bob and Cynthia extended the property to accommodate 17 Residents in total and also to provide themselves with living accommodation on the premises. They had another couple Tom and Margaret Ford, living on site for two years and during that time the property was further extended to provide them with living quarters. When Tom and Margaret retired in 1989, Cynthia and Bob invited their daughter, Jo and son-in-law, George to join them in partnership. Jo and George moved into one of Tom and Margaret’s rooms, the other two were let out bringing the total number of Residents to 19.

After three years in partnership and the arrival of two children, it was decided that it was time to provide more suitable accommodation for Jo and George. This involved building new living quarters attached to Bob and Cynthia’s existing bungalow and the main house. Accompanying this accommodation were two further Residents rooms over the archway leading to the garden.

In 2005 the Bungalow in which Bob and Cynthia lived was divided creating a double en-suite room with separate kitchen/dining facilities. As a result Tracey House now has a total of 23 Residents. (Registered for 24, as there are two double rooms, but only one can be used as a double at a time.)

Cynthia died in 2019 and Bob in 2021. Jo and George have been joined in partnership by Karen and Elizabeth Cooksey (Jo’s sisters)

Jo and George remain active caring members of the community, they run the business themselves and most importantly sincerely believe that the elderly deserve the best.

Commited To High Care Standards

Committed To High Care Standards

Tracey House cares for 24 Residents over the age of 65. As a general principle we care for our residents on an individual basis and collectively only when appropriate. To Learn more about caring at Tracey House the follow the button below.

Activities at Devon Care Home

Activities At Tracey House

                     Tracey House is very much part of the Community. Residents are positively encouraged to join any community activities (e.g. local fund raising events, tea parties, various meetings or simply to visit the country/seaside, family and friends). Transport is provided whenever possible. For more information follow the button below.

Our Vision

To hold elderly people in the highest possible esteem and to offer a rich quality of life, with the greatest freedom of choice and independence consistent with their needs and abilities, in the safety, comfort and love of our home.

For the elderly to feel that “This is where I want to be, this is home,” and for their families to be at peace.

Staff at Tracey House Care Home in Newton Abbot, Devon

Our Objectives

  • To continue creating an aesthetically pleasing environment, within the home and in the garden
  • For the avenues of communication to be smooth, efficient and open in all directions.
  • The quality of care to be completely holistic and of the highest standard in all areas.
  • To be an outward looking home, a part of the local community on a social, political and environmental level.
  • To conform to all current legislation and work to the highest standards of care as set out by the Care Quality Commission.

Registered With The CQC

Care Quality Comission - Tracey House


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